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January is a month between seasons: I am buying now for winter 18/19, while at the same time the spring collections are arriving in the store, which is gradually changing its look. Personally, I am eager for longer days and warmer temps… I am already pretty tired of winter colors and heavy clothing…
But what is always in season, what is always right, what I am always keen on are the blouses from LAREIDA.
The collections from Lis Lareida, Zürich based designer, are an affair of the heart and, yes, a Swiss high-precision product: the fit, the 100% crisp cotton, the cut – each and every detail is carried out with painstaking care.
I love wearing the shirts and tops the whole year round to all sorts of events, now with a heavy pullover on top, then with a lighter cashmere cardigan, and finally in summer, on their glorious own.
And yes, every season she creates a whole new collection, a new look. Therefore, we can never have enough of these timeless pieces.
The first drop has arrived already… share this great experience with me! 💓


For a big bash in the city, I love a frilly, romantic dress …the sexy silk chiffon fabric has a girlish touch which makes it quite fancy.

If you have a more casual New Year’s Eve planned, then go for an outfit of contrasts — totally au courant:

–an oversized wool sweater with a tulle skirt
–a rush top with wool pants from Siyu
–a cord jacket with smoking pants

Should you be celebrating in the mountains, how about high-waisted, wide-legged pants with a ruffled blouse?  Here, too, combining different materials is key.

Of course, it’s the accessories that really give a look its pizzazz.



With so many holiday parties to go to, there’s often no chance to spend hours preparing. How can you up your festive game if you go straight from the office to the apéro? Easy! If you’ve worn your velvet pants to work with sneakers, then a simple change into high heels makes all the difference. Or slip those velvet or satin trousers on in place of the cords or jeans you wore.

If your silk blouse is all buttoned up for meetings, just open it up to show off a lacy camisole after dark. A pair of dangly, glittery oversize earrings – shoulder dusters, if you want the latest lingo — makes any outfit more celebratory. Put your hair up and add a glittery hairband, or let it down and add a black silk turban, THE trending accessory.  And don’t forget a brighter or darker shade of lipstick to show off that charming smile or perfect for puckering up under the mistletoe.


Tis the season…and we have lots of gift possibilities for all the special women in your life.

Come in to see us for even more ideas, we are delighted to advise.

Our opening hours in Advent:
Monday to Friday 10:00 -18:30
Saturdays 10:00 – 17:00
Sundays, 3 & 17 December  11:00 – 17:00

The store is just one block from Bahnhofstrasse and there is customer parking in the back.  Ho ho ho!


British Vogue claims that “red, in all its effervescent glory, is the season’s defining colour. The more saturated and intense, the better” and I couldn’t agree more. Red represents fire, passion, love, energy and we’ve got the temperamental pieces to show it.


Get Your Cozy On


Leisurewear is not just for at home anymore. Comfy, cuddly separates have long been seen on the streets, thanks to the hip-hop culture (think baggy pants and oversized sweatshirts). At eclectic we give it some upmarket polish with cashmere tees and leggings from Majestic, plush sweatpants and hoodies from Clu, and super-soft jersey tops and bottoms from Lareida. With a big super soft mohair cardigan from Rue Blanche you can hit the road. Wrap yourself up for the winter in some feel-good fashion!

It’s All in the Details


Transform or complete your look with the little things:  belts, brooches, headbands, chokers, pocket squares.

We especially love hair accessories in velvet and silk ribbon, with sequins or fairytale flowers in gold — some can also be worn around the neck.   The Rumisu silk scarves can of course also be used as neckwear, or wrapped around the waist or  your head, hippie-style or à la Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  And don’t forget our fab Japanese socks from Antipast 😉

Our store offers a wide range of accessories, come in and let us show you how to play with them.

Silver metallics: Futuristic yet classic


Funk up your wardrobe with a shiny bit of space-age flash.

Alu prints from antoni&alison made in GB: compliments guaranteed.

Atelier Agnes Scott brogues in silver: heat on the feet!

Lareida reversible down jacket: Moonraker in the snow

Zilla evening bags in foil-leather: real eye-catchers

Pullovers in lurex yarn, heavenly soft

Cardigans with paillettes, sparkling up any look

Silver, silver, and more silver – get your shine on!

Double- Faced

Double-faced fabrics have no „wrong“ side but rather two „right“ sides and are also known as reversible.
The handling is more intricate than with conventional fabrics and demands much manual work, so therefore mostly exclusive fibers such as cashmere and cool wool are chosen.  It used to be that double-facing was featured in classically elegant creations, but today it is a totally trendy material and THE fabric for winter 2017-18.
We have the most beautiful and timeless double-faced wrap coats, blazers, shirt jackets in lots of cool select colors from Odeeh, Seventy, Rosso and more.  Come in and try one on — you’ll be convinced, I’m sure!

Chromatics: what a crock

Women are asking me if they can wear the mustard yellow that is supposedly the latest trend color.  They are unsure because they’ve been told by an expert that they’re a spring or a winter type and should put only a specific palette near the face. Let me say something about color: Forget what any consultant has told you and wear what you like.  If you have an affinity to, let’s say, sushi red, then put it on and give it a try.  There’s a reason you are attracted to certain shades so go with it!

Wondering what “sushi red” looks like?  Come in and see the new pieces in our collection.

Why the 70s Revival is Cool

Why should you revisit that decade despite its fashion sins?  Because a reworked trend is never the same. Because it’s fun and colorful.  Because it doesn’t always have to be solid blue, black, white – prints can be awesome. Because the Siyu label produces clothes reminiscent of the 70s with “a whispered femininity far away from the obvious” – and does it with a certain naiveté about their clean cuts in contemporary, unique patterns.

This may be a passing fad but so what?

Must-haves for Autumn 2017

  • A chunky, natural-fiber pullover with a feminine detail…we have some precious ones in the store. Anything goes but cheap knitwear!
  • Velvet!!! We have scrumptious washed, cotton, silk and jersey velvet in yummy autumn colors: aubergine, burgundy, plum, tobacco, rosewood, and of course black.  What are you waiting for?  This fabric is not just for Christmas any more!
  • Baby cord – prewashed to a softness you have to feel to believe! We have shirts, blazers, dresses, pants in winter olive, dirty eggshell, and navy blue.
  • An ultra-cozy Matta cashmere scarf with pom-poms: Mine is my security blanket, never travel without it.
  • Antipast socks: This Japanese brand was the first to do patterned socks and they remain unique. Eclectic has carried them for 15 years and my pairs from then are still in great shape.
  • Any shoes with laces and eyelets, especially a feminine version of hiking boots like our olive green suede ones from Italy – wear them with everything! For something a bit lighter but no less indispensible: our Angela Scott sneakers in flannel, a sophisticated winter version of your favorite summer footwear.

My Latest Discovery

I found Natāljia Jansone, a petit Latvian designer, in a tiny booth in the far corner of the Louvre hall on the last day of Paris Fashion Week.  Her designs and the quality of her product – on a par with couture — impressed me so, I wanted half of the collection for myself (which is a rare reaction)!  Even though I had already spent my whole buying budget, I asked for a rack and within 10 minutes had chosen 50 pieces that I just know my customers are going to LOVE as much as I do.  They are in store NOW, come see for yourself how fantastic this label is!

Amo denim, the rising star on the jeans front. eclectic is the first store in Europe to carry Amo. See how we wear it.Amo denim, the rising star on the jeans front. eclectic is the first store in Europe to carry Amo. See how we wear it.

Amo Denim

Amo denim, the rising star on the jeans front. eclectic is the first store in Europe to carry Amo. See how we wear it.

Amo denim, the rising star on the jeans front. eclectic is the first store in Europe to carry Amo. See how we wear it.