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An Early Guide to 2019 Fashion: Colors

En beige:
The tone of the season is beige, there are countless shades like oatmeal, stormy ground, pebble, camel, cream, dirty eggshell — just to list a few.
And no! it’s not pale or stale, but it is important to find a tone that flatters your skin. It’s the perfect color to be combined with any other shade of the spring/summer palette, like the neons, the pastels, and even white.

The shapes and details are certainly from the eighties:
The chain belts
The buff shoulders
The headbands in satin or leather
The XX large hats to protect you and also make a statement
The crocheted, fringed, macramé and raffia details have a more elegant touch than last season.
As the new season starts slowly in the dark month of January, the desire for happier, lighter colors grows stronger.

The new collections are arriving and we would be delighted to show them to you!


Japanese aesthetics

It is a style, not fashion. Every woman has her own distinguished presence and you only notice the particulars of what she is wearing if you look closely.

They carry themselves with a certain grace and project an aura of assuredness – whether in a traditional kimono or high-end minä perhonen.

While most of the fashion world spins from one trend to another each season, Japanese labels establish an individual look and stick with it through all the trends that come and go.

I choose my Japanese brands because of their distinctive identities and their meticulous workmanship, complex fabrics such as paper cotton, weave embroidery, handloomed seams, covered buttons, perfect pleating, or unusual compositions such as silk and wool.

… the difference is in the details.

The 2 weeks I spent in Japan have shown me that the styles represent a very conscious way of thinking and dressing. The Japanese society, especially the female gender, is quiet, modest, rather shy, while at the same time very graceful. The feminine consumer never shows too much skin or emphasizes the figure, and carries this off without being all buttoned up.

This fall Bettina wants to get into the honey trap …

There’s an anthology of autumnal browns, rusts, ochres, olives and honey colors which are all very poetic but a bit intimidating if you usually wear navy, grey and black.
This is one of the loveliest uptakes this fall.
There are also shades of camel, yellows, taupe and mustardy tan, even a drop of orange.
Don’t treat it like a boring neutral but as an accent piece in all kinds of accessories, such as shoes, bags, socks, scarves.